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Carol Craig is the Centre's Chief Executive. She is author of The Scots' Crisis of Confidence, Creating Confidence: A Handbook for Professionals Working with Young People, The Tears that Made the Clyde: Well-being in Glasgow and The Great Takeover: How materialism, the media and markets now dominate our lives. Her latest book is Hiding in Plain Sight: Exploring Scotland's ill health. She is Commissioning editor for the Postcards from Scotland series. Carol blogs on confidence, well-being, inequality, every day life and some of the great challenges of our time. The views she expresses are her own unless she specifically states that they reflect the Centre's thinking.

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Posted 29/03/2009 | 1 Comment

Our latest event took place on Thursday in Edinburgh. It was called Nations, Culture and Well-being. Nic Marks from the New Economics Foundation gave a talk on his recent piece of work on National Accounts of Well-being. There is a dedicated  website with lots of info so if you missed Nic's talk you can get a feel for the type of information it has produced.
The other main speaker was Dr Jim White who talked about his work, essentially on mental well-being, in a deprived part of Glasgow.Jim is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and has years of experience. He has found the best strategy in his area - particularly to attract men - is to hold self-referral sessions in a local hall. The sessions are presented as education not therapy. Jim is therefore seen as a teacher who is giving information rather than as a counsellor or therapist and those who come along don't have to talk about their feelings - they can simply sit and listen. The sessions are also billed as stress management rather than being about anxiety or depression. This is clearly a willing formula as literally hundreds turn up to the sessions.
Jim is head of a project called STEPS - again this is deliberately vague and it isn't immediately clear that it is a mental health project.  They have a vast array of brilliant self-help resources on their website, along with some videos. One of them is half an hour long  and is called Everything You Wanted to Know about Stress. It is very funny, topical and made to such a high standard you could have watched it on the telly. It is really worth watching. It ends with the ten words that Jim thinks most important for people to remember: face your fears, get active, and watch what you drink.
Given the rising problem with obesity and inactivity in our culture and the escalating problem of drink - particularly in Glasgow - these are essential messages.

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Comment Posted: 18/05/2010 03:29
So much of our negative, addictive behavior is rooted in Biblical and religious shame: and there is no legitimate reason for it. Please visit this blog which I believe you will find more than helpful.

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