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Creating Confident Individuals: a masterclass on the Curriculum for Excellence

Thursday 18th September 2008, 9.30am - 12.30pm at Oran Mor, Glasgow

The morning half day masterclass for education was led by Professor Carol Dweck and Dr Carol Craig. The event was chaired by David Cameron who is Director of Children's Services at Stirling Council. Keir Bloomer, who was on the original group which devised the Curriculum for Excellence made some closing remarks. 

This masterclass was of relevance to anyone working in education or with young people in a professional setting.

Masterclass themes
The Curriculum for Excellence makes the creation of 'confident individual' one of the four purposes of education. It is not uncommon for government initiatives to have unintended consequences and one of the Centre's fears is that the adoption of this aspect of the CfE will lead to an erosion of young people's resilience as well as a weakening of academic standards. This is exactly what has happened in the United States. What we need to do in Scotland is make sure that we have a sufficient understanding of confidence, how it is formed and how it can be nurtured by others. The Centre has undertaken considerable research into confidence and believes that Professor Carol Dweck's theory of mindsets, based on extensive empirical research, is one of the most valuable approaches for building confidence, and boosting performance. More information on Professor Carol Dweck's work is available elsewhere on the site.

Speaker biographies
For further information on each of the speakers and other participants in the masterclass click here or use the menu on the right.

Access the documents below for a Power point presentation by Carol Dweck and also a flier on the event.

 Carol Dweck 08-morning session (3,670 KB)

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