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The Psychology of Success: A Masterclass on Mindset and Motivation, 14 June 2007

The Centre ran an event featuring Professor Carol Dweck on the 14th June at Oran Mor, Glasgow. The event was entitled 'The Psychology of Success: A Masterclass on Mindset and Motivation'. This morning event was relevant to anyone interested in achievement, motivation or developing human potential but had particular resonance for people from business, education and sport. It was also relevant for people interested in Scotland's NEET agenda.

The event also featured panel sessions with speakers from education, business and sport.

Click here to listen to audio of Carol Dweck on mindset.

Access the documents below to view a promotional flier, speaker biographies and programme.

 Carol Dweck 2007 flier (367 KB)
 Carol Dweck 2007 biographies (196 KB)
 Carol Dweck 2007 programme (63 KB)

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