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Aims of the training

What was the course about?

This workshop offered practical strategies to classroom teachers on how to help all children and young people cope with the complexity of their everyday lives and learn to ‘bounce back’ when they experience sadness, difficulties, frustrations, failures and hard times. Teachers also benefited both personally and professionally through teaching children and young people how to be resilient.

 Resilience skills are particularly important to young people these days as increasing numbers of young people are struggling through school and life with social and emotional needs that greatly challenge schools and welfare agencies. Bullying, depression, youth suicide and drug abuse are major issues.
The best prevention programs:
  • Start early in children’s lives
  • Revisit key concepts and skills in age appropriate ways over time
  • Teach children that how you think affects how you feel and act
  • Embed social and emotional learning into the academic curriculum.

This practical two day workshop met this criteria & offered an introduction to:

  • Whole school and whole class strategies on building pro-social, value-based school cultures
  • Ways to integrate the teaching of resilient skills into the Nursery to Year 8 curriculum
  • Curriculum topics related to student wellbeing and resilience that also meet curriculum outcomes
  • Ideas on how to adopt a literature-based approach to teaching resilience
  • Engaging classroom activities across Gardner’s multiple intelligences including Cooperative Learning and Circle Time
  • Teaching pupils the skills and understandings related to the four pupil capacities that underpin the Curriculum for Excellence; enabling pupils to be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors                                                                                                                           

The two day course was particularly geared to teachers from nursery to S2 but was also of relevance to people working with young people in other settings such as social care or youth work.

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