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Bounce Back - Teacher's Handbook

A copy of the Bounce Back Teacher's Handbook was included in the £100.00 event fee.

Increasing numbers of young people are struggling through school and life with serious emotional and social needs that greatly challenge schools and welfare agencies. Bullying, low self esteem, depression, youth suicide, and drug abuse are major issues. The Bounce Back! classroom resiliency program offers practical strategies to help all young people cope with the complexity of their everyday lives and learn to bounce back when they experience sadness, difficulties, frustrations and hard times.

The program comprises a teachers’ handbook and three teachers’ resource books: junior primary; middle primary; upper primary to junior secondary. Together, these classroom resources offer schools (and other community agencies) a comprehensive program for enhancing student well being and resilience (and teacher resilience too!).

The teacher’s handbook explores the theory, rationale and research behind the Bounce Back! resiliency program and outlines strategies for its delivery.

Each of the three teachers’ resource books contains ten detailed curriculum units with hundreds of classroom activities and blackline masters. These resources and activities explore topics related to student well being and resilience such as:

  • developing positive values
  • developing courage and strategies for bouncing back
  • looking on the bright side
  • managing emotions
  • relationship skills
  • humour as a coping tool
  • dealing with bullying
  • being successful

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