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Postcards from Scotland

Specific learning outcomes

As a result of attending the event participants -

  • Would be  aware of the specific barriers to confidence, motivation and team working which are prevalent in Scotland, specifically those related to fear of mistakes and being criticised.   
  • Understand why these attitudes make feedback difficult and undermine performance, learning and team working.
  • Understand Professor Carol Dweck's research into the fixed and growth mindsets and what this may mean for them and others they work with.
  • Know what feedback is and why it's fundamental to confidence, motivation and self improvement.
  • Understand how educational, organisational, team or management cultures can promote or discourage feedback.
  • Know what they can do as individuals to help create a learning and feedback culture including modelling the behaviour and attitudes they desire in others.
  • Learn specific techniques for giving good feedback -  both critical and positive.
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