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Creating a Feedback and Learning Culture, Thursday 16th September, Glasgow

A one day, interactive training event led by Dr Carol Craig and Centre Associates Derek Goldman and Isobel MacNaughtan                       

Carol Craig, the Centre's Chief Executive has researched and written extensively on how the prevailing culture in Scotland militates against confidence and undermines team working and performance. These problems are deep seated and linked to fears of making mistakes, being criticised and 'getting it wrong' . They are further compounded by the absence of positive feedback.  However, Scottish teachers, parents and managers are now tempted to swing towards an American style artificial praise culture despite this having its own problems - potentially undermining both resilience and performance.
The Centre believes that the best way to anti-dote the negative effects of artificial self-esteem building, as well as some traditional Scottish attitudes, can be found in the work of Professor Carol Dweck (a social psychologist from Stanford University) on  the importance of a 'growth mindset'. However, it will be difficult for managers, teachers, social, community and health professionals to help instill a growth mindset if they do not have one themselves or have a real appreciation of the psychology underpinning the fixed mindset.
In this interactive event Carol Craig and Centre associates, Derek Goldman and Isobel MacNaughtan, pooled their collective insights and experience of working with Dweck's theory of mindset as well as optimism training, assertiveness training, coaching and various personal development techniques to create a stimulating, challenging and informative day which helped provide the skills needed to create a feedback and learning culture.
Who was the event aimed at?
We intentionally designed the event for a wide ranging audience of professionals who are involved in providing feedback to others including educationalists, youth workers, social workers, health professionals and those who work in allied fields within the public sector. The course was also suitable for anyone working as a manager or team leader in the corporate sector or indeed any environment whose work relates to individual or team performance e.g. Human Resources.
Cost:  £85 plus VAT. This included lunch and refreshments and a copy of Carol Dweck's Mindset; The New Psychology of Success.

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