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Nature Connection: Nurturing Hope - Two taster days on 2nd and 3rd September, Glasgow


Two taster days on 'nature connection' which were held in Pollok Park, on the outskirts of Glasgow city. The facilitator was Maeve Gavin.

The course on the 2nd September was designed for educators or those working with children and young people.

The course on the 3rd September was for people working with adults, e.g. those in the caring and therapeutic professions who want to learn how to use nature connection as a tool for increasing the well-being of those they work with. 

What was the course about?
Nature connection is about building an engaged relationship with the world around us.  When you connect more fully to nature, your attention turns outward and expands, you begin to feel a part of something larger than yourself.  Nature’s impulse is to grow and repair itself, and when we spend time observing and being in nature, hope naturally arises. 

But the question is how do we connect to nature when we live in cities?  And how do we give our clients more than a walk in the park?  This day was designed to help you taste the possibilities and leave you with some tangible tools to use with individuals or groups.
The curriculum is based on approaches from modern education, eco-therapy and indigenous wisdom. Activities are largely outside and include sensory awareness, practical nature skills, embodiment, team work and creative arts. 

If you want to know more about why connecting with nature may improve well-being please go to the section of the site where we've examined the topic.

Maeve Gavin has trained at leading nature connection schools in America -  the Wilderness Awareness School, and the Tracker School.  She was also a founding director of the North Glasgow Community Food Initiative.  Maeve offers courses which provide knowledge, tools and techniques to create a powerful culture of nature connection. 

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