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Postcards from Scotland

Maeve Gavin - Biographical details

Maeve’s passion is to build trust in community through guiding group growth and renewal processes, and to re-ignite our ancient bonds with the natural world.  Maeve synthesizes her background in grass-roots community building, with earth based ritual and soul orientated group process work.  Maeve is the founder of Way of the Village, as well as national co-ordinator of Art of Mentoring UK, which is part of an international nature and cultural repair movement.

She has created and studied attempts at healthy human systems all her life, from living with the Brazilian Landless Movement (MST) to co-founding a refugee food growing charity in Glasgow, and now practising peacemaking in her community.  Maeve felt her deepest hope for humanity emerge when she truly felt her own belonging in wild nature, living for four seasons under leaf mulch, tent and tipi in North America.  Maeve has trained with communities of naturalists, earth based wisdom teachers, song birds and trees.   She also has a background assistant producing various social and environmental documentaries for the BBC.

Maeve now lives in the north east of Scotland where the epic river Findhorn meets the sea.  


For More see: wayofthevillage.co.uk and artofmentoring.co.uk
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