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Postcards from Scotland

Break-out sessions

The break-out sessions ran from 2.00-4.00 though there was an opportunity during the session for a short tea and coffee break. Participants were advised to pre-select the break-out group of their choice when they registered for the event.

The sessions varied in style with some allowing for some additional in-put from speakers and questions on previous conference sessions. However, all had time for discussion and reflection not only on the specific topic but also on the conference themes. This means that the topic chosen was the initial discussion in the group but participants were also asked to consider  other themes as well.

Discussion points from the break-out sessions can be found by accessing the menu on the right hand side of the page. Please note that we don't have discussion points from all of the break-out sessions.

Choice of break-out sessions

Early years and education: Alan Sinclair, previously head of Skills at Scottish Enterprise, and now an expert on the importance of the early years to health, education and a broad range of social outcomes, facilitated this session. Alan was joined by Professor Susan Deacon 
who was recently appointed by the Scottish Government to advise on how to take forward action on the early years.

Families, relationships and health: Carol Craig, from the Centre, facilitated this session. She was joined by Peter Lynas from the Relationship Foundation.

Work, employability and skills: The session was facilitated by Professor Stephanie Young, Skills Development Scotland.

Regenerating real communities - supporting a climate for local action : This session was facilitated by Andy Milne from the Scottish Urban Regeneration Forum.

Drugs and alcohol: A new Independent Drugs Inquiry report on what's happening in Scotland is due out in the autumn. This follows in the wake of another drugs and alcohol report published by Scotland's Future Forum.  In this break-out session, facilitated by Detective Chief Superintendent John Carnochan, Head of the Violence Reduction Unit of Scotland, there was a chance to discuss both these reports' analysis and conclusions, particularly those which chime with the dominant themes of the conference, with the Rev. John Matthews who chaired the Independent Inquiry, Professor Phil Hanlon who was the principal advisor, and Mike McCarron one of the main authors of the earlier report.

New thinking, new action:  This session was facilitated by Andrew Lyon from the International Futures Forum and involved the celebrated community activist Cathy McCormack. It was aimed at those who want to discuss how 'business as usual' ways of doing things such as targets, command and control leadership and centralised control are all exacerbating problems and how we can develop new ways of thinking and acting.

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