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Discussion points from break-out sessions (Families and Early Years)

The following discussion points were made in the Families and Early Years break-out sessions. Please note that we don't have discussion points for all of the break-out sessions.

Families break-out session (led by Dr Carol Craig and featured Peter Lynas from the Relationships Foundation)

Nowadays your friends are your family
Families living miles apart
Family form and function
Parent child relationships
How do we help teenagers find out about relationships?
How do we connect across levels/sectors?
Extended family – rather than nuclear
Empowering people in communities
Disempowered men
Not supporting men
Male identity within wider culture
Division between genders
Early Years break-out session (led by  Alan Sinclair and facilitated by Susan Deacon)
How do we feel about how we are doing on early years and parenting?
Parents undervalued
Good intention
Too much talk
More human, make simple – simple language
Benefits from curriculum for excellence
Sad – lack of connectedness
Release/harness the passion and potential
Fear – of we don’t act soon
Great opportunities
Policy/action sustainability
Mixed messages
What do we do well?
Positive climate
Sure start/mainstreamed
Nurture groups
Parent councils/effective parental involvement 
Schools – culture/ethos
School – where engaged with community
Family centres
Nursery care
Parent to parent support
Voluntary section/local groups
Parenting programmes 
Health visitors 
Clubs/voluntary organisations – brownies/cubs
Play parks
What can we do better?
Build shared understanding across sectors about importance of early years
Let communities say what they need – engage with people on their terms
Model approach
Empower parents 
Community development approach 
See family as a unit
Build relationships
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