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Postcards from Scotland

Postcard feedback from break-out sessions

Participants were given 2 postcards in their break-out sessions. The following comments on the question ' What I and others need to do differently? ' and some general feedback, which was noted on the postcards,can be found below

An audit of all the money spent on skills/employability and how spent-how much duplication? Evidence of good practice?
Long term planning-beyond single parliament/government term.
More spiritual development as we are an asset rich society but think poor.
Early intervention for children identified at risk of exclusion. Adapted curriculum to meet the barriers. Social and family problems faced by children/young people to help build confidence, identity and purpose in their lives and them to cope with life and make positive choices.
Re-direct funding from 14+ initiatives to 5-12: early intervention is key e.g. £200m budget to primary education.
Policies and initiatives that outlast a 4 year government.
Greater support for local innovation-people working on/for/in the issues and opportunities that face them.
For real regeneration of local communities-local people must be engaged to identify needs/wants and get to root of issues.
I would like to implement some of what I have learned into my teaching experiences.
Structure and culture?
Know what the research shows, now need to tackle individuals, families, communities to create good lives.
Redefine poverty.
Speak up and act.
Relationships (slide-decide).
Brain development of and impact of cortisol on brain development.
To become more involved in my community.
Promote personal integrity-keeping commitments to all levels of society.
Spread the debates re (1) mending and protecting quality interpersonal relationships in families, workplaces and communities (2) the dose response toxicity of media on children and lower s/e communities.
Get more involved in promoting community values.
Best conference I’ve been to in a long time-great speakers and conversation.
Energised and will ‘force’ my views on jaded work colleagues. 
Fresh thoughts and action.
Will encourage me to go back to explore further community/partnership working.
Less talk, more action.
Each community needs a worker/organisation/centre with an open responsibility to support community activity.
Ensuring the community are aware of all the services available in their area-a portal?
Adversarial nature of political landscape scuppers consistent interventions.
Local government and NHS unable to maintain working relationships and consequently jeopardise local communities/issues.
Long term (holistic) strategy (thinking) and funding programme to support the strategy. Implies co-operation between politicians of government and oppositions to allow the strategy to span electoral terms.
Build networks to share resources and identify duplication of effort between organisations. 
Join up services, dot to dot.
Working collectively with individual/communities and other agencies also striving to change culture and structure.
To improve well-being of all and reduce the inequalities.
Stop talking about it and do something!
Engage with a wider range of organisations and not just stick to the narrow scope of my role.
Empower and inform individuals by giving them accessible information about provision and services (empower and inform communities).
Instead of taking ‘models’ to the community (after running through budgets,research etc), why not start in the community? It is more difficult but ultimately rewarding and productive.


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