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Discussion points from break-out sessions (Work, Employability and Skills)

The following discussion points were made in the Work, Employability and Skills break-out session (led by Stephanie Young). Please note that we don't have discussion points for all of the break-out sessions.
Get the banks to give 1% of their profits to create employment. Load to work to be done in this country, just have to get paid for it.
I would like all children to have the ‘ability’ (through early years) to identify that they have internal strengths and gifts which they could bring into their own lives and the lives of others.
Pull all the sources of funding for employability and skills in Scotland together and allow some city/regional authority to deploy it (empower communities).
Encourage the creation and growth of SMEs who are the generators of new jobs.
More jobs to be created in Scotland (a pipe dream?)
Change the mindset of the population with respect to how they think about work. A change in how we think may make us more likely to see it as a positive thing!!
Young people as mentors to other young people.
Full employment=more vacancies than people seeking work.
Invest in ‘social enterprises’ across the UK to develop job in areas worst hit.
Employer engagement with schools right the way from nursery to high school to show the value of work, what’s required in work and what type of jobs are around of career paths/twists/turns/employment and skills.
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