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Discussion points from break-out sessions (New thinking)

The following discussion points were made in the New Thinking break-out session (led by Andrew Lyon and facilitated by Cathy McCormack). Please note that we don't have discussion points for all of the break-out sessions.
  •  A key shift is required from individualist based views of the world to more collective forms.
  •  More attention needs to be paid to the quality of relationships in this regard currently it seems like a war without bullets against the poor
  • Why are we passive about this ( and other features of life)?
  • Most of our effort is focused  on the external objective areas of life, not enough attention to inner subjective aspects of life/policy
  • Insufficient capacity/ability to question the fundamentals of existing approaches to our greatest challenges stuck in a paradigm which has little promise
  • Need to shift from problem solving mentality to life enhancing mentality
  • Integral approaches required
  • Most of the innovation we have currently is innovation in action within an existing mindset not innovation in mindset.  The former is incapable of resolving current challenges.
  • Sources of hope? Simplicity? Roundedness? Humanity?
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