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Postcards from Scotland

Postcards from Scotland - Creating a momentum for widespread social and cultural change - March 2013

This fully booked event was a huge success and the Centre quickly organised a follow-up event for March 25th to keep the momentum going.

You can read the ideas generated by the group here.


Thursday February 28th 2013, 5.30-7.30 

CPD Room 8, 1st floor, Glasgow School for Business and Society Centre for Executive Education (CEE) building , Glasgow Caledonian University

Scotland is faced with a referendum in 2014 on independence and it's widely accepted that there is not enough debate on the type of country we want to become or how – with or without independence - we could deal with some of the large-scale economic, employment, environmental and health challenges facing us.

The Centre, in conjunction with Argyll Publishing, is aiming to encourage such debate by publishing a series of short, accessible books – Postcards from Scotland. The first three titles appeared in November 2012.

This Centre event, chaired by Danny Murphy, heard from three authors involved in the first three volumes: Professor Phil Hanlon, Carol Craig and Alf Young as well as the underlying rationale, our hopes and aspirations for the series and forthcoming titles.

Following the talks on the books the remaining hour was devoted to discussion and participation. All those present discussed and gave us their suggestions on how we can get ideas from the series to a wide audience in Scotland and beyond; how we might use the series to link up various organisations and networks committed to change; and what other topics we should be considering for the series.

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