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Foundations for Flourishing

Creating the conditions for flourishing children and responsible youth.

10 & 11 March 2008 - The Hub, Edinburgh  

Since the UNICEF Report indicated that the well-being of children in the UK may be the lowest in rich nations across the globe there has been a great deal of interest in the topic. Concern over indiscipline in schools and rising crime has also led to increased concern over young people's behaviour. There are now various programmes designed to improve young people's well-being and social skills. In England there is a major initiative across schools, called SEAL, designed to improve well-being and behaviour by formally teaching all social and emotional skills on a year on year basis. 
The Centre held a seminal two-day event with an impressive range of international, and national, speakers including Sue Palmer (Toxic Childhood), Dr Robert Epstein (author of a controversial new book on adolescence), Dr Alex Richardson (expert on diet and exercise and author of They are what you feed them) and Tim Gill (author of the recently published book, No Fear: Growing up in a risk averse society). There were contributions from Alan McLean, Professor Jane Aldgate, Alan Sinclair and Carol Craig. Angus Skinner chaired Day 1 and David Cameron (Head of Children's Services at Stirling Council) chaired Day 2. There was also a contribution from young people.
The conference aimed to encourage participants to consider in depth the following key questions: 
What are the conditions for a flourishing childhood?
How can we help teenagers lay the foundations for good, flourishing lives?
What changes do we need in Scotland to make this happen?

The first day focused on early and primary years, the second on adolescence. Participants could attend for one, or both, days.
Support materials for Day 1 can be accessed by clicking here and for Day 2 by clicking here.
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