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Foundations for Flourishing - Main Speakers

Dr Robert Epstein a distinguished American psychologist whose recent book The Case Against Adolescence: Rediscovering the Adult has created a huge impact in America. Epstein challenges the notion of the deficient teen brain, arguing that the problem is our low expectations of young people and their lack of responsibility.

Sue Palmer author of Toxic Childhood. Sue, a former teacher, has written what many consider the definitive critique of conventional childhood.

Tim Gill
author of the recently published book No Fear: Growing Up in a Risk-averse Society. Tim is an expert on children’s play. His controversial argument is that we are overly protecting young people and giving them wrong ideas about what constitutes bullying. He wants us to get back to the idea of ‘benign neglect’.

Dr Alex Richardson
from Oxford University and author of You are What You Feed Them. Alex is an expert on the importance of diet and exercise to young people’s mental and physical health.

Professor Jane Aldgate of the Open University is author of many books on childhood and is currently working with the Scottish Government on Kinship Care in modern Scotland.

Alan McLean chartered psychologist and author of The Motivated School. Alan is a Scottish psychologist who is gaining an international reputation for his work. He will talk about how we can give young people more responsibility.

Alan Sinclair of the Work Foundation. Alan is an economist and author of How Small Children Make a Big Difference. He is a passionate exponent of the need for a shift in resources towards the early years.

Dr Carol Craig is the CEO of the Centre for Confidence and author of Creating Confidence: a handbook for professionals working with young people and a recent major paper on the potential dangers of some psychological interventions in schools.

Additional Content

Professor Angus Skinner and David Cameron will each chair one of the days proceedings which will include panel discussions and participant debate of the issues. There will also be a presentation on the second day by a group of young people on their thoughts and hopes.
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