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Postcards from Scotland

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Speakers at the Radisson Hotel included Professor Martin Seligman, Professor Richard Layard, Professor Felicia Huppert and Professor Phil Hanlon. Richard Eckersley, a celebrated writer and thinker on well-being from Australia also spoke as did Dr Carol Craig, the Centre?s Chief Executive.

The telephone lectures were given by important people in the field of Positive Psychology such as Professor Barbara Frederickson, Professor Barry Schwartz, Professor Howard Gardner,  Dr Karen Reivich, and Dr Nick Bayliss. Dr Harry Burns, Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer gave a very interesting lecture linking feelings of hopelessness to some of Scotland’s very challenging health statistics.

You can listen to some of the contributions made during the Vanguard Programme by going to the Positive Psychology Resources section of our website and going into the audio section of each of the topics.

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