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Postcards from Scotland

VP: The highlights

  • The vast majority of those who participated in the Programme thought that the two days at the Radisson was a huge success. Many said it was the best event they had ever attended. Commonly people said it was emotionally and intellectually satisfying yet intellectually challenging as well.
  • Most found Professor Martin Seligman?s contributions (almost 5 hours of lectures over the two days) compelling. People particularly liked his ?gravitas? and the evidence underlying his ideas.
  • Many were captivated by Richard Eckersley?s presentation. His analysis of ?the cultural fraud? of the modern world and how consumerism undermines well-being was insightful and very well-judged.
  • For many, however, it was Professor Phil Hanlon, from Glasgow, who gave the best presentation at the Radisson. This was Phil at his best ? engaging, witty, insightful, challenging  and relaxed.
  • Most the participants who managed to listen to the telephone lectures loved them. Particular favourites seem to be Professor Barry Schwartz and his lecture on choice where he talks about the difficulties of buying a pair of jeans without being deluged with options. Dr Harry Burns? lecture on the health of poor people in Glasgow and links with hopelessness also went down well. One of the participants, the Head Teacher from Barrhead High School loved it so much she wanted to play it to her staff. She called Harry Burns to ask his permission. She didn?t know he lived in Barrhead and was delighted when he offered to come in and give it live. It went down so well that many of the staff said it was the best in-service day they had ever had.
  • The Ceilidh band. The Centre organised a Ceilidh which was held on the first evening of the event at the Radisson. Unfortunately we hadn?t given enough notice and so not many people could attend. However, those who did were treated to some great music by a great band of session musicians and had a great time. The music and dancing even made it onto the BBC?s Happiness Formula. Research shows that social dancing ? particularly Scottish country dancing ? is one of the best things you can do to increase happiness. It is the combination of exercise and sociability which makes it such a winning formula.

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