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Postcards from Scotland

VS: Glasgow 31 May 2006

This one-day event was held on 31st May, 2006 in Glasgow and was chaired by the well-know journalist Ruth Wishart. The venue was the stunning Oran Mor in Glasgow?s west-end. Participants were drawn from across the public and private sectors.
Dr Carol Craig introduced newcomers to the basic ideas behind Positive Psychology. Professor Phil Hanlon facilitated a big discussion on themes related to health and well-being and how we might overcome some of Scotland?s mounting health challenges. Alf Young of The Herald talked about the role of the press in Scottish negativity and how this might be overcome. In a second session Carol Craig also talked about how these ideas can be applied to improving organisations. Table discussions then ensued on how the various tools, tips and techniques supplied could be used in organisations.

Additional speakers included the leader of Glasgow City Council, Cllr Stephen Purcell, who explained how ?social renewal? was now a major priority for the city and Willie Haughey, a highly successful Glasgow businessman who spelled out his recipe for creating a positive climate for business success.

  • Undoubtedly one of the biggest highlights of the day for participants was being in Oran Mor. The building ? a renovated church ? is a visual delight. Beautiful stain glass windows and sculptures from the original building are twinned with an inspiring painted ceiling by the novelist and artist Alasdair Gray.
  • Positive Psychology. Most participants didn?t know much about the theory and evidence behind it and were so taken by the ideas presented by Carol Craig in her two sessions.
  • Professor Phil Hanlon?s facilitated session.The characters he devised for a Glasgow crash allowed for a novel and insightful look into some of the challenges facing people right across the social spectrum.  
  • Most people from business were taken by Willie Haughey?s comments on staff engagement. Some were so inspired they went to visit his company after the event for more information on how to get staff involved and positive about the business.
  • Ruth Wishart?s light and witty, yet highly professional, style of chairing.

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