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Postcards from Scotland

VS: Dundee 22 September 2006

This one-day event, sponsored by the University of Abertay, was held on 22nd September, 2006 in the university?s lovely building ? Dudhope Castle. Participants were drawn from across the public and private sectors. Professor John Palfreyman from the university gave an interesting and informative introduction on the university?s progressive pedigree and his involvement in Go Dundee ? a group which have run a few inspirational events in Dundee and which formed as a result of the Centre?s Scotland?s Tipping Point event.

Dr Carol Craig introduced newcomers to the basic ideas behind Positive Psychology. Professor Phil Hanlon facilitated a big discussion on themes related to health and well-being and how we might overcome some of Scotland’s mounting health challenges. After lunch local consultant and coach, Joe Lafferty of Lifetree got people talking and thinking about how Positive Psychology can be applied to improving employee engagement and the culture of organisations. Carol Craig backed this up with some additional information on Positive Organisations.

Susan Deacon MSP, and former Health Minister, talked about the negativity of the press in Scotland and how individuals in Scotland could challenge this and turn it around.

The event ended with the showing of the new film the Centre has acquired called Celebrate What’s Right with The World by the National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones. As in Inverness, the film went down extremely well. Click here for a preview of the film.


  • Dudhope Castle. This is a great venue for any event.
  • Positive Psychology. Most participants didn’t know much about the theory and evidence behind it and were so taken by the ideas presented by Carol Craig in her two sessions.
  • Joe Lafferty’s session on positive organisations. This was a great interactive session where people got a chance to apply some of their learning to organisations. Joe’s lovely Lifetree postcards also went down well.
  • Susan Deacon’s session. Susan told a very personal, but pertinent, story of how she was affected by press negativity. Also she didn’t just complain about the press she outlined very practical ways in which it could be challenged. One of the only complaints of the day was that Susan’s session was too short.
  • The interaction. The layout of the room and the building in general was good for encouraging interaction between participants. Lots of chat and networking.
  • The film Celebrate What’s Right in the World was judged to be hugely inspiring and a brilliant way to finish on a Friday.


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