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Vanguard Lanarkshire 22 March 2007

This one day event was held on the 22nd March 2007 in Lanarkshire. Participants were welcomed to Lanarkshire by Liz Connolly, the Chief Executive of Scottish Enterprise Lanarkshire and Ruth Wishart, the well-known journalist.

Professor Phil Hanlon presented an interactive session on Positive Psychology and how it may help some of Scotland's health and social problems. Dr Carol Craig from the Centre for Confidence and Well-being then spoke about Positive Psychology in relation to organisations and businesses. 

After lunch, Alf Young from The Herald spoke about how the press, politicians and those involved in public life in Scotland could learn lessons from Positive Psychology and its emphasis on optimism. Table discussions on the topics then ensued with time for feedback. 

Participants had the opportunity to view the Centre’s new resource – a DVD called Celebrate What’s Right with the World which has been made by National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones. For a preview of this video, click here.

 Jim McColl then rounded off the event by talking about why we need to create a more positive environment for business in Scotland and how this might be achieved. 

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