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The Vanguard - Scotland's Positive Psychology

?The Vanguard? is the name the Centre has given to the events it has held in Scotland to advance Positive Psychology ? the international movement developing round the new science of optimism, well-being and happiness which is being spearheaded by Professor Martin Seligman and Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Overview of events

The Vanguard Programme, a large scale event, was held between September and December 2005. The following year's Vanguard events took place under the title ‘the Vanguard Series 2006’. This consisted of three one day events between the end of May and the end of September in Glasgow, Inverness and Dundee. Two additional half-day events called  Vanguard Extras were held in Edinburgh on October 25th 2006 with Professor Martin Seligman as the keynote speaker.  For further information on any of these events access the menu on the right.

2007 events

In 2007 the Centre continuing the Vanguard Positive Psychology theme with a number of age-related events which calling the Vanguard Stages. Further information on these events can be accessed by accessing the menu on the right.

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