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Postcards from Scotland

The Vanguard Programme (VP)

The Centre?s first Vanguard event was the Vanguard Programme. This consisted of over 35 hours of lectures and seminars mainly given by eminent scholars in the field such as Professor Martin Seligman and Professor Barbara Frederickson. It was held between September and December 2005.

The first two days were held in the  Radisson Hotel, Glasgow and over 300 participants from across the public and private sectors took part. Some MSPs and senior journalists attended. Many participants were in leadership positions

These two days were then followed by fortnightly lectures from many other big names in the field of Positive Psychology and fortnightly discussion groups, again over the telephone.

The final day of the Programme was in the wonderful new Scottish Parliament building and was Chaired by the Parliament’s Presiding Officer, George Reid.

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