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Follow up to Tackling Scotland's Drink and Drug Culture - What Next?


Monday, 3rd October 2011, 1.30 - 4.30 pm
Roxburghe Hotel, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh

The Centre held a very successful event in March 2011 to promote the findings and views of the Independent Enquiry into Drugs and Alcohol called 'Melting the Iceberg'.  Over three hundred people attended that event in Glasgow. We then organised a follow-up to that event in Edinburgh. There was no charge for attending.

Programme outline - please use the menu on the right for further information on speakers and their topics.

Professor Phil Hanlon was the main adviser to the Enquiry and will outline the thinking behind the report particularly the need for 'a whole population approach'.

Joy Barlow gave an outline of the thinking, and progress to date, on the other main recommendation in the report - 'the circle of care'.

Dr Tam Lundy, an extremely experienced facilitator and consultant, particularly in health promotion, from Vancouver, led us through her 'Communities that Can!' framework. This framework provides a comprehensive action framework and capacity building approach to support the change-making work of practitioners, policy makers, multisectoral leaders and engaged citizens working in diverse organisational and community contexts. Tam particularly applied this framework to how, as Scots, we can tackle our drug and alcohol problem.  Tam is particularly knowledgeable about the best ways to take an 'integral approach' which the Centre is also keen to promote.

The Reverend John Matthews, who chaired the Independent Enquiry, chaired this event.

You can access information about the previous event here as well as the report.

Power point presentations as well as audio recording of all the main speakers will appear on the website in due course.

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