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Dr Tam Lundy - more information on Communities that Can! and biographical details

Communities that Can!
Responding to Complex Change Challenges

The Change Challenge: Two Questions

How can professionals and citizens alike, in communities large and small, take the kind of action that generates higher levels of health, equity & sustainability – in people, in communities, and in the natural and built environment?  And how will Scotland take next steps to address a complex change challenge: high levels of alcohol and drug misuse?

Changing the Ways We Make Change

Communities that Can! is a practical response to the growing need for integrative strategies that can address three interconnected challenges: health, equity and environmental sustainability. It’s an innovative “heads-up and hands-on” approach that generates higher levels of health, well-being and healthy development in people, in organizations, and in communities.  At its heart, it’s about changing the ways we make change – changing the change-makers as well as the change-making.

Inclusive Change-making in Action

Communities that Can! provides a comprehensive action framework and capacity building approach to support the change-making work of practitioners, policy makers, multisectoral leaders and engaged citizens working in diverse organizational and community contexts.
The Communities that Can! approach can be activated by groups addressing multiple goals and issues, in any discipline, any sector, at any level of scale. And  it can be applied to any issue, from community safety to food security, from early childhood health and development to climate change, from poverty to health inequities ... while connecting the dots between these issues.

This informative and interactive session introduces Communities that Can! as a functional framework that may be helpful to professionals, government and citizens as they come together to respond to a complex challenge: tackling the iceberg of Scotland’s drug and alcohol problem. 


Tam Lundy, PhD 
Tam is a consultant, educator and mentor in the field of human and social development with extensive professional experience in diverse sectors and settings, including health, human services, education and government. Since discovering her love for this work in the early 1970's, Tam has led large-scale initiatives; advised and supported professionals, policy makers and grassroots change leaders; developed and delivered countless workshops and courses; and written extensively on topics ranging from community development, capacity building and engagement to human development and the challenge of change. She has also taught university graduate courses in health promotion and education, and leadership for healthy change. Tam holds a doctorate in human and social development from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.  

In recent years, Tam's focus has been the discovery and integration of innovative thinking and practice approaches in health promotion, community development and capacity building, organizational development and governance. She works closely with leaders, practitioners, policy-makers and other change agents who are curious about the integral approach and its practical, value-added application to existing thinking and practice in various professional activities, including research & evaluation, strategic & emergent planning, stakeholder consultation & engagement, and program & policy development, as well as professional development & team building. For instance, Tam played a leadership role in the start-up phase of BC Healthy Communities, shaping the initiative's theoretical foundations with an integral approach, and contributing integrally-informed practice tools that continue to guide the work of the BCHC team. This wealth of practical experience, enriched by scholarly inquiry and mindful reflection, has laid a firm foundation for Tam's most recent work to design an integrative approach to healthy change-making: Communities that Can!


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