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Well-being and Body Confidence with Jo Swinson MP, 15th February 2012, 5 pm, Glasgow

Wednesday 15th February 5.00 pm - 7.00 pm, Buchanan Suite, Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow

Jo Swinson is the MP for East Dunbartonshire and co-founder of the 'Campaign for Body Confidence' which was launched in March 2010. Jo is also Chair of the All-Party  Parliamentary Group on Well-being Economics which she also set up.

In this talk for the Centre Jo Swinson outlined the All-Party Group's thinking on well-being before going on to explain why she has set up the Body Confidence Campaign, its prioritites and her recent success in challenging L'Oreal's airbrushing in an advert for an anti-ageing cream. Jo also explained why she is particularly concerned about the impact that adverts which project a limited  and 'perfect' image are having on young people.

The session was chaired by Carol Craig from the Centre and there were plenty of questions and discussion.

The event was free.


The Body Confidence Campaign's mission and pledge

'We believe that the pressure to conform to impossible stereotypes is damaging our sense of well-being and leading to increasing unhappiness, anxiety, low self-esteem, depression and eating disorders in women, particularly amongst young people and children – and men

We believe that everyone has the right, whatever their size, shape or form, to feel happy about themselves.

Therefore we pledge to campaign for Body Confidence to influence the fashion, beauty, diet, and media industries – and the government to:

- ensure honesty and transparency in advertising,

- promote diversity of body shapes and sizes used in magazines, advertising, broadcast and catwalk

- introduce media literacy and body confidence education in school
- give children positive examples of using their bodies by promoting active lifestyles and less sexualised imagery.'

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