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Confidence and Well-being Eight Years On - PowerPoint presentation

Thursday 6th September, 9.30 - 12.30, Renfield Church Centre, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow

An interactive session with Dr Carol Craig from the Centre

We undertook the work to establish the Centre in 2004. We held the first event – Scotland's Tipping Point  with Malcolm Gladwell - in December that year and then the Centre really got going in 2005.  During that eight year period the Centre has held a large number of events and undertaken a great deal of work. Inevitably we have learned a lot as a result of our deliberations on confidence and well-being. The purpose of this event was to share this learning with those who are also interested in this agenda.

In this interactive half-day session Carol Craig, the Centre's Chief Executive, outlined how, and why, the Centre's thinking on these topics has evolved in the last eight years. She specifically reflected on -

  • the Centre's original and current thinking on Positive Psychology
  • our concerns about attempts to boost self-esteem artificially
  • the Curriculum for Excellence's focus on 'confident individuals'
  • the benefits of Professor Carol Dweck's work on mindset
  • our concern about growing inequality and why she wrote The Tears that Made the Clyde
  • our concerns about the UK's increasingly materialistic and individualistic culture
  • the Centre's new publication project 'Postcards from Scotland'.

Carol also explained why the Centre now adopts a broad 'integral' approach to confidence and well-being – an approach which stresses the importance of psychological, cultural, structural and behavioural/physiological factors. She also outlined what the Centre believes are the practical benefits of such an approach.

Please click below to open a copy of the Powerpoint presentation Carol used on 6 September

 8 Years On (13,958 KB)

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