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Postcards from Scotland

Letting Go: Breathing New Life into Organisations 2nd December 1.30 - 4.30

Trades Hall, 85 Glassford Street, Glasgow G1, 1UH

It is now commonplace for employees to feel frustrated at work - ground down by systems dominated by rules, protocols, guidelines, targets and inspections. The ‘tyranny’ of modern workplaces as well as the origins of 'command and control' management come under scrutiny in the fifth book in the Centre’s Postcards from Scotland series.
To mark the publication of this new book – Letting Go: Breathing New Life into Organisations - the Centre is holding a free afternoon event to discuss these very topical themes.
Jean Urquhart MSP will chair the event.  Tony Miller, one of the authors of Letting Go, will outline the book’s basic arguments.  Stephen Boyd, Assistant Secretary at the STUC will outline the research they commissioned into performance management and published in 2013 in report entitled ‘Performance Management and the New Workplace Tyranny’. Professor Phil Hanlon will reflect on the well-being dimension and facilitate a discussion on what organisations need to do to change. 
Attendance at this event is free but you must book a place by emailing Archie Dalrymple contact@centreforconfidence.co.uk

Click here for  more information on Postcards from Scotland books

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