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Postcards from Scotland

Notes on discussion on 19th of May

Responses to the question: what’s in the room? (ie what was immediately on people’s minds about the baby boomers’ generation)

Women’s issues changed so much – roles/expectations
Opportunity – eg university education and apprenticeships
Freedom to grow and develop
Didn’t need to follow your parents – more choice
Social mobility
Carefree – resilience, hitch hiking
Music a central part of our lives
Rebellious music part of the culture
Technology changed dramatically – some people didn’t have tvs.
Values, money self – distracted from inequality
Abandonment of ‘we’ and substituted ‘I’
Independence not interdependence
Post 1955 people had more resources
Big ‘we’ through CND marches and mass unemployment rallies
Vastly different experiences - People can’t afford to retire now at 65 and having to retire later
Racism intolerance                                                                                                   Changes in class structure – eg now a small working class
Now have so much more information

What do we think our legacy is so far?

Plus side
Education/schools - particularly comprehensive schools
Cultural diversity
Interationalisation generally
Recognising rights
Housing conditions
Labour saving devices
Divorce more easy
Therapeutic knowledge
Younger generation who think for themselves
Gender equality
Some people finding vocation in different roles in life

Legacy so far
Universities, management speak,
Poor equality
Diminished responsibility
Overemphasis on materialism
Break up of families
Living separately                                                                                                                                            Risk management
Political correctness
Lost the word ‘integrity’
Making things too complicated                                                                                                                  Politics of fear
Lack of trust
Loss of concept of common good
Culture of instant gratification – eg ready meals                                                                                         Young apathetic (not about issues but political processes)
Loss of male role models
Loss of church/meaning
Undermined through expectations
Loss of vocation – now personal gain

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