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True Cost - Why we should love our clothes

On 21st of January 2016 the Centre held a very well-attended and powerful event on the True Cost documentary which sets out the growing problems of the fast fashion industry.

The Centre for Confidence and Well-being has highlighted the problems with materialist values for the past few years. But we feel we  have missed the point. The damage to ourselves is minimal in comparison with the huge environmental costs, social justice transgressions and violations of workers’ rights.

Our showing of this film was not designed to make people feel guilty about being interested in their appearance or enjoying clothes. In fact we want people to conclude that they need to love their clothes more and have a different and better relationship with them. In the language of positive psychology we need to 'savour' our clothes more by paying more attention to them and valuing them.

Here you can read more about the film, the reactions of those who attended and alternative, and better, ways to buy clothes.

We are planning to follow up the film showing and discussion with a Saturday afternoon event in May 2016. We shall post details at the end of March.

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