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Mindset: Projects and Resources

The Centre has undertaken considerable research into the different approaches to fostering the confidence and resilience. We are particularly supportive of the work of Professor Carol Dweck from Stanford University. We believe that her work on growth and fixed mindsets is particularly useful in helping people to grow and develop their potential. The Centre hosted a couple of very successful events with Professor Dweck in Glasgow in June 2007 and 2008.

The Mindset section of Flourishing Lives houses most of the material we have put together on Dweck’s work on mindset. The first link below takes you straight to this section of the website. However, for convenience in finding material we have also included some direct links below to specific topics on mindset.

Much of this material relates to children and young people but these ideas are also of relevance to the workplace.


Overview of Dweck's research into mindset

Read summaries of evidence related to mindset  

Access Powerpoing presentations and scripts on mindset  

Glasgow University mindset project  

Stanford University/Centre research project on mindset

Read some articles on the Centre's mindset work with Outward Bound

Fortitude and growth mindset - a useful resource for parents and teachers 

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