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Physical activity Projects

The following is a few select projects in the UK which aim to improve well-being by physical activity.

The Active Primary School Programme was set up by Sportscotland in 2000 and is still evolving. An Active Primary School enables young people to become more physically active both within and out with the school day. Primary school teachers are employed as co-ordinators who then work across a number of schools. The co-ordinator works alongside staff, parents and pupils to improve on the school’s physical activity programme and also pull existing resources and initiatives together. The main topics covered by the co-ordinators are physical education, active play, after-school sports and active travel. The Active Primary Schools are also linked to a secondary school with a school sports co-ordinator.

Click here for further information on active schools. 

Basic Moves

The Basic Moves Programme helps children develop their basic movement skills to allow them to participate in physical activity throughout their lives. Click here for further information from the research group at the University of Edinburgh.


Play@Home was adapted from an existing programme in New Zealand and introduced by  Fife Council and Fife Primary Care NHS Trust in 1999. The programe has 3 books which guide parents and carers through progressive activities which are age appropriate to the child’s stage of development, from birth to five years of age. The Baby Book is given to all new parents by their Health visitors with the Toddler Book given once the child is one year old and pre-school book when the child is three years old. The programme helps to support the development of good parenting skills and aims to introduce positive attitudes to physical activity from birth. They recommend that all children and young people take part in at least one hour a day of physical activity which could include physical education, exercise, sports, play and dance, to name a few. 

Physical Activity task force website

The Scottish Executive, in its White Paper “Towards A Healthier Scotland”, recommended that the Physical Activity Task Force should be set up. Their first recommendation was that there should be a permanent, full-time physical activity policy team within the Scottish Executive, with the responsibility of changing and monitoring the activity levels of the Scottish population. It was found that are no comprehensive strategies, policies or programmes that have long-term funding to deal with the problem of inactivity in Scotland. Where good practice exists, it is not available throughout Scotland. Also, many examples of good practice are short-term projects. To read the report click here


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