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Teaching Mindfulness in Schools

There is an increasing awareness that by teaching Mindfulness to children and young people it can bring about a signficant difference in their behaviour and their emotional well-being. One such project taking place in schools in Richmond, California, is producing interesting and positive results.

By introducing regular sessions on Mindfulness and Yoga the teachers have found significant changes in the pupil's behaviour and well-being.  Pupils are demonstrating greater self-control and less time is being spent on dealing with difficult and disruptive behaviour. As Jean-Gabrielle Larochette, the founder of the project, points out 'We tell kids be quiet, calm yourself down, be still. We tell them all these things they need in the classroom, but we're not teaching them how to do that'. One of the outcomes is that the pupils have developed a common language to calm each other down.  

The teachers have also found the Mindfulness is an aid to learning - one teacher commented  that  by practicing Mindfulness  that the children became more focused and available to learn.

To read about this project click here.



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