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Useful resources (ppts, videos, reports, books and more)

Here are some useful resources to help you understand more of the problems with materialist values and their impact on individuals and society.

 Carol Craig (the Centre's Chief Executive) TEDxGlasgow Talk called 'Enlightenment  in the Age of Materialism'. 

Carol Craig's short book called The Great Takeover - how materialism, the media and markets now dominate our lives.It is also available on kindle. 

Short animation of the the key argument's underlying Professor Tim Kasser's book 'The High Price of Materialism'

TEDx talk by Steve TIghe, a futurist in Australia, on 'Post Materialism'

Powerpoint presentation given by Professor Agnes Nairn on a joint Centre/Aye Write! Book Festival event called 'Watching, Wanting and Well-being'

Downloadable report by Agnes Nairn and Ipsos Mori for Unicef: Child well-being in Uk, Sweden and Spain - The Role of Inequality and Materialism

Downloadable reports from the 'Riots, Communities and Victims Panel'. This was set up to investigate and understand why the August 2011 riots happened. They argue that brands and marketing played an important part.

'The Story of Stuff' film and project - really worth seeing what is on offer.

Download Reg Bailey's report on the sexualisation of children called 'Letting Children be Children

Watch videos on You Tube related to the Bailey report on the sexualisation of children.

Ron Kaufman has created a great website on the dangers of tv and what you can do. Worth looking at. 

Given that we need to protect ourselves more and more from the values of our highly commercialised society you may want to use 'adblocker' which stops ads popping up when you are on the internet. You can get Ad Blocker for Safari here. Google for other browsers. You can download for free but the developer asks you to make a financial contribution.

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