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Alan McLean: Letting go of the reins

Alan McLean is a Glasgow based chartered psychologist. He has worked for many years as an educational psychologist. He is the author of The Motivated School: a book which has won him international recognition in countries as diverse as Ireland and China.

Alan McLean's work has been strongly influenced by Professor Carol Dweck's work on self-theories (mindsets) and by Self-determination theorists Deci and Ryan. You can read McLean's overarching theories on motivation on the appropriate section of this website on Positive Psychology Resources. There is a very close fit between Alan's work and the Centre's views on confidence and how it can be encouraged. 

At the Flourishing Youth event, Alan presented his model of motivation. He also challenged the audience, in a series of engaging exercises, to think about their own experience of motivation. He then argued that while it may be difficult to give young people responsibility for their learning this is the main way that we can encourage young people to develop their potential. It is also the best route to really begin to re-engage those who are disaffected with schools. 

For more useful background information on Alan McLean's theories and their use in schools visit Learning and Teaching Scotland's website. You can use the link below to access this website. 

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