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The Centre's interest in the topic

A variety of studies have shown that lack of assertiveness skills can predispose individuals to depression. This has been shown to be true for young people; for the elderly (for example, Donahue, Acierno, Hersen & Van Hasselt, 1995); and in non western countries (for example, Mueen, Khurshid, and Hassan, 2006 on a study in Pakistan). Cognitive Behavioural Therapy programmes often include some assertiveness training as a way to combat depression. The Penn Resiliency Project, a school-based programme for adolescence, devised by Seligman, Reivich and others, includes some assertiveness techniques.

As Dr Carol Craig, the Centre?s Chief Executive, had extensive experience as an assertiveness trainer, the Centre decided that producing some materials, particularly for use in Scottish schools, would be a worthwhile project.

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