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DVD of scenarios

It was identified that it would be easier for young people to understand the model of assertiveness if they could see the various behaviours modelled. 

Accordingly we commissioned ?Collusion Theatre?, a theatre group for young people, to create exemplar material. In the first instance, the small group involved worked with Isobel MacNaughtan from the Centre to understand the four behaviours and to rehearse role plays before going on to create the DVD material. In itself this was a fascinating process; again and again the young people found the ?assertive? statement very difficult to make, even in the most innocuous of situations. There was a fear of being disliked and a fear of being thought domineering. On the other hand, as they ?clicked? into what assertiveness was, they became enthusiastic about the learning; two of those involved asked how they could get the assertiveness course into their own schools. 

All ten assertiveness scenarios are contained in one video You Tube posting. You can access this here .You can see what each clip is called by clicking here

Download the accompanying notes below.

 DVD teacher notes (32 KB)

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