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Waking up to the problems with materialism

Materialist values are undermining our lives - individually and collectively - and they are particularly toxic for our children and young people.

The 18th century enlightenment project was to shine the light of reason into dark places and root out what these scholars saw as the problems of their day - religious  fanaticism, superstition and irrationality.

The Centre believes that in the 21st century we need to embark on a similar project of enlightenment and that our darkest, murkiest place is the way in which base materialist values have come to saturate our culture. These values are leading to gross inequality; extreme individualism and narcissicism; a raft of social problems; overuse of resources and environmental degradation; and a loss of well-being.

However, this does not mean that it has to be like this. Most of us have a strong sense that there is something profoundly wrong with our current value system but we  currently lack encouragement to express our concern, clear leadership on a broad-based anti-materialist agenda,  and empowering information to help us realise what is going on.

This section of the Centre's website gives a flavour of the Centre's work on this important topic. You can read some of our concerns here as well as our prescription for what individuals could do differently. But there are two other main resources which you should find helpful. 

The first is Carol Craig (the Centre's Chief Executive)TEDxGlasgow Talk called 'Enlightenment  in the Age of Materialism'.

The second is Carol Craig's short book called The Great Takeover - how materialism, the media and markets now dominate our lives. It is also available on kindle. For more information on the book and its availability click here.

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