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Resources - books, websites etc

Below are some resources on the topic of 'contact with nature'.

Dr William Bird  has compiled a 116 page downloadable report called Natural Thinking: Investigating the Links between the Natural Environment, Biodiversity and Mental Health.

Dr Sarah-Anne Munoz from the  Sustainable Development Research Centre has undertaken a literature review called Children in the Outdoors. It is a comprehensive 40 page, downloadable document.


' Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind ', Kanner. A . D, Roszack, T & Gomes, M. E, 1995, Sierra Club Books.


Berman, M. G., Jonides, J & Kaplan, S., 2008, ‘The Cognitive Benefits of Interacting With Nature’, Psychological Science, 19(12), 1207-1212.

Burns, G. W, 2005, ‘Naturally happy, naturally healthy: the role of the natural environment in well-being’ in Huppert, F. A., Baylis, N., & Keverne, B, 2005, The Science of Well-being, Oxford University Press.

' The Nature of Sanity ' in Psychology Today, Theodore Roszak, Jan/Feb 1996.

Kaplan, S., 1995, ‘The Restorative Benefits of Nature: Towards An Integrative Framework.’, Journal of Environmental Psychology, 15, 169-182.

Mitchell, R., & Popham, F., 2008, ‘Effect of exposure to natural environment on health inequalities: an observational population study’, 272(9650), 1655-1660.


Ecotherapy  The green agenda for mental health 


University of Sheffield 2007 Media Centre news release,’ There’s much more to a walk in the park’.

Arbor, A, 2008, ‘Going outside- even in the cold-improves memory, attention, University of Michigan News Service.


Ecotherapy - is an organisation which describes itself as a union between the ideas of ecopsychology and psychotherapy.

National care farming initiative - aims to see thriving farms and landscapes providing social, educational, therapeutic and development opportunities.

Websites with some useful material on ecotherapy -



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