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Mindfulness Scotland

As we can see from the research, mindfulness has many positive benefits for people in varied circumstances. It has the great benefit of being easily taught and trained, and in time can be used successfully as a self-management tool so is a very cost-effective method of helping people in different circumstances. Mindfulness research is being conducted around the world in schools and prisons, universities and workplaces to assess what if any benefits they may have in these sectors. Of particular interest is whether mindfulness can help people with significant mental or behavioural problems improve their quality of life, their level of contentment and fulfilment in life, and the quality of their impact on those around them.

The issues of long-term lack of self-confidence, lack of contentment with life, and other matters that concern those of us involved with the Centre for Confidence and Well-being may well find that mindfulness can play a significant part in helping people and organisations understand the mechanisms of these mental issues and more importantly practical ways to alleviate them.

Mindfulness Scotland

A group of Scots-based individuals, including NHS clinical psychiatrists and psychologists, with links to leading Scottish universities, are setting up a social enterprise and charity called Mindfulness Scotland to raise awareness of the benefits of mindfulness, to initiate ground-breaking new research on the potential benefits of mindfulness in medical, psychological and social ill-being, and to train others to use the practices within their organisations and in their home. For further information on mindfulness or the vision of the new organisation contact Martin Stepek on 07986 570 186.

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