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Research and Insights into the Science of Meaningful Life

Recent research from America and Spain into how Mindfulness helps to develop mental and physical resources which can lead more healthy and productive lives is providing fascinating results.

Ten Top Insights from the research are highlighted on the University of California's Greater Good Website. The Insights cover such themes as:

  • A Meaningful Life is different - and healthier - than a Happy one
  • The emotional benefits of Altruism 
  • Meditation changes gene expression
  • MindfulnessTraining improves teachers' performance 
  • Gratitude can save your life.

To read about the research in full and watch videos of speakers on each topic click here.

Other research from the University of Winsconsin-Madison and the Institute of Biological Research, Barcelona is showing that your thoughts can cause specific molecurlar changes to our genes. In addition to previous findings which showed development in parts of the brain when people practiced mindfulness, so mindfulness acts in a way very similar to physical exercise. By training the mind with mindfulness we change our brain and our genetic patterns .... in a very good way.To read about this research click here 



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