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Workplace empowerment and 'systems thinking'

In May 2009 the Centre held a very successful event called Beyond Targets: Improving Efficiency, Staff Morale and Well-being in the Public Sector.

The principal speaker was Professor John Seddon from the University of Cardiff. Professor Seddon is a major critic of the current target-driven culture.

The session closed with a contribution from Jim Mather MSP who is Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Tourism in the Scottish Government. Mr Mather is an admirer of John Seddon's work. 

John Seddon's speech was recorded and you can access it  here.

In the meantime you can access two mindmap summaries(see below) of two of Professor Seddon's books which have been created by Jim Mather.

 Systems thinking in the public sector (176 KB)
 Freedom from Command and Control (118 KB)

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