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This section outlines some of the research supporting the importance of marriage for well-being.

Gender and the relationship between marital status and first onset of mood, anxiety and substance use disorders.

Scott KM; Wells JE; Angermeyer MC; Bromet EJ; Brugha T; Demyttenaere K; de Girolamo G; Gureje O; Haro JM; Jin R; Karam EG; Kovess-Masfety V; Levinson D; Ormel J; Posada-Villa J; Sampson N; Takeshima T; Zhang M; Kessler RC.

The relationship between marriage and well-being was studied using data from 15 different countries and 34,000 people.  The findings reveal that marriage is good for mental health in both men and woman. The results show that divorce and separation have a negative impact on mental well-being. For example, marriage breakdown leads to substance abuse in woman and depression in men. (Psychological Medicine, 2009)


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