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Research shows that people who participate in actvities which produce flow are more motivated and engaged. Flow inducing activities can be different according to each individual, however the ingredients of flow are the similar. This section contains information about flow in relation to learning.

Traditional schooling has been competitive and individualistic. Students are in competition with one another to show who is the brightest and the best in any chosen field. Yet learning is inherently a social activity – our brains are programmed to learn from one another. We learn better, and ultimately achieve, more, with other people than we do on our own.  This section focuses on aspects of Co-operative Learning; a method for encouraging social learning in the classroom or lecture theatre.

Motivation is the umbrella term for explaining why we think and behave as we do. The word motivation comes from motive, which is derived from the Latin ‘movere’, meaning to move.The information we present in this section have been written by Alan McLean, an educational psychologist who has written a number of books on motivation.

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