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The Effort Effect

According to psychology Professor Carol Dweck overcoming failure is important for success.

Dweck has studied why some people achieve their potential while other, equally talented, people don't.  Interestingly, the answer does not lie in ability instead it lies in whether ability is viewed as something inherent that needs to be demonstrated or as something that can be developed and increased over time, through working hard and persistence.   She challenges the age old notion that 'successful people are born, not made' with the evidence that having a growth minset, rather than a fixed mindset, is the key to success.  People can learn to adopt a growth mindset and can be helped by those around them, through their praise for effort, rather than ability.  Carol Dweck came to Glasgow last week to give a masterclass on the Psychology of success  which was a huge success.  You can read more about this on Carol's Blog . Carol Dweck mentioned a New York Times article which she recommended - you can access this by clicking here.  To read a recent article from Stanford University on the effort effect click here

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