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In this section we look in general at the concept of confidence and the key components of Confidence - self-efficacy and optimism - before moving on to examine in much more depth a variety of work on self-esteem.

Why does self-efficacy matter and how does it contrubute to our confidence?  Research show that self-efficacy beliefs determines how people feel, think, motivate themselves and behave. This is the focus of this section.

What part does optimism play in being confident?   As over a hundred studies have shown optimism plays an important part in people's lives and is linked to good health, education and sporting achievement and good relationships.  The focus of this section is how optimism is a key component of confidence.   

What impact does our level of self esteem have on our confidence?  There are almost no findings showing that self-esteem causes anything at all.  This section explores these findings.

In this section we summarise some of the ways we think people can boost their own, or others', confidence.

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