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An extensive survey conducted by Gallup on employee engagement in the USA estimated that 29% of employees are engaged; 55% are not engaged; and 16% are actively disengaged. Disengagement tends to increase with length of service. The figures for the UK are even lower. Gallup estimate that only 19% are engaged; 60% disengaged; and 21% actively disengaged.

Traditionally the main way to conceptualise engagement was via money, promotion and other work incentives. Making the job stimulating was also seen to be important. But recent research indicates that what is truly motivating and engaging for employees is when their job links in some way with human relationships and a sense of mission. POS talks about engaging with, or amplifying an employee's 'calling'.  

Professor Kim Cameron, from the University of Michigan, argues that the way to help employees see their job as a calling is to ensure that the organisation, and the employee's role, is related in some way to some wider, human concerns or to emphasis important virtues and values in the person's everyday role or in the organisation's core purpose. 

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