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Jean M Twenge PhD
Professor Jenny Crocker

Jean M Twenge PhD

Dr. Twenge delivers talks across North America on today's young generation, based on her research and her book, Generation Me.Her generations work is based on a database of 2 million young people who filled out questionnaires between the 1930s and the present on self-esteem, narcissism, anxiety, depression, expectations for the future, and other traits, attitudes, and behaviors. 
01a: Introduction to ?Generation Me? research methodology


01b: Self-Esteem: its importance and growth in the USA


01c: The rise of narcissism


01d: The rise of anxiety in young people


01e: Rise in blame, cynicism and materialism


01f: Implications of these changes for education and business


01g: Response in the US to Twenge?s ?Generation Me? research



Professor Jenny Crocker

Research Professor at the Research Center for Group Dynamics and a Professor Psychology at the University of Michigan. Principal Investigator at the Contingencies of Self-Esteem laboratory. Co-author of the article The Costly Pursuit of Self-Esteem.
02a: The problem with self-esteem (5'12)

02b: The costs associated with normal fluctuations (4'49)


02c: Vulnerability to depression from contingent (15'47)


02d: Ego-system vs eco-system goals (6'38)


02e: Effects of ego/eco system goals on well-being (9'04)


02f: How everyone has both sets of goals (2'50)


02g: Summary of findings from various research studies on the pursuit of self-esteem (1'27)


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