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Understanding Community Resilience

Community resilience is highly significant rom the perspective of local government in terms of economic and social consequences.

In a final report prepared by the Centre for Local Economic Strategies for the Barrow Cadbury Trust on the Centre's research into exploring 'resilience of place' the authors state;

"The ability to be resilient is predicated by the relationships and quality of relationships within the place within the public, commercial and social spheres of the economy.  Highly effective working across spheres fosters change and resilience within place."

This is resilience viewed as part of a 'systems based approach to understanding place'. In essence the report looks at what makes a community resilient and then uses the indicators to understand the way in which a locality functions more broadly through collaboration and partnerships between individuals and organisations and explores how this can be developed further.

'A resilient community is therefore one where there is a strong public sector enabling role,but also a whole place working practice, where activities connect inter-departmentally within other parts of the public sector, and across the commercial and social sector.'

The research focused on North Walsall and a case study presents the findings and analysis from the study and recommedations. During this pilot ten measures of community resilience were developed and used in the study. These measure explored the strengths of various sectors such as the commercial, public and social sectors. When combined these measures gave an overall measure of the resilence assessment for the area of North Walsall.  

To read  the report click here.

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